12+ Baseball Experts Reveal Their Secrets For

Taking a Baseball Player From Where They Are Now to Getting 
10% More From Their Performance

We asked the greatest minds in baseball ONE BIG QUESTION...

  •  You have a baseball player who is already performing well
  •  They come to you because they want to be even better
  •  What steps would you take to help them get 10% more out of their performance?
From The Desk Of: Buddy Biancalana
Date: October 6, 2022
Subject: The Perfect Baseball Development Summit

Dear baseball players,

Have you thought to yourself...
You see kids your age throwing 90-100 mph fastballs or getting INSANE exit velocity and you think...
My name is Buddy Biancalana, co-founder and CEO of Zone Motion. I've been working with amatuer and professional athletes in every major sport for almost 30 YEARS.

Back in 1985, I had a Zone Experience in the World Series. The game slowed down for me, I wasn't thinking, and I played the best baseball of my life.

My elite play helped the Kansas City Royals win their first ever World Series Championship. I became a bit of an overnight sensation...
I was a guest on the David Letterman Show and the Today Show. I modeled for Esquire Magazine and People Magazine even did a feature story on me. Life was going great.

There was just one small problem...

I had NO IDEA how I had played so well in The World Series.

Just 18 months after I dominated in The World Series, I was sent down to the Minor Leagues, never to return to MLB again.

To make a long story short, that experience sent me on a lifelong quest to discover how to help athletes and business executives how to get in "The Zone" so they could perform their best CONSISTENTLY.

One day, I thought to myself...

"What if I could share not just my expertise on The Zone, but also the expertise of others in baseball development?"

Better yet...

"What if every player were given a blueprint on how to accelerate their development and get an extra 10% (or more) from their current performance?"

My team and I wasted no time. We assembled the greatest minds in baseball development and asked them if they wanted to participate.

I have to admit, I was a bit nervous to ask these people. These experts had spent their lives learning and teaching what they know.

Surely they wouldn't just give me their information for free...

The result completely blew me away...

More than a dozen experts in sports tech, biomechanics, brain performance, and medicine handed me their blueprints on how they would take a player from where they are now to 10% better.

At first, I planned on selling the interviews. They were just too valuable to give away to everyone. 

But then I thought about it some more, and I realized that money shouldn't be a barrier for anyone to perform (and feel) their best.

I wanted to share all of these experts and their amazing work with EVERYONE. So without further delay, let's meet the experts...

Meet The Experts

Decades of Expertise Helping Baseball Players Unlock Their Full Potential.

Kyle Attl
Blast Motion

Kyle Attl is the Director of Professional Baseball Sales and Service at Blast Motion. Kyle has been at Blast for almost 6 years and helped implement sensor technology with over 90% of MLB Club, working directly with MLB groups in player development, scouting, R&D, and baseball operations.

Dr. Keith Smithson
Sports Vision Pros

Dr. Keith Smithson is the Director of Visual Performance for the Washington Nationals, team Optometrist for the Washington Commanders, Wizards, Mystics, Spirit and DC United. He is also a sports vision consultant for the Washington Capitals. He is a founding partner of Sportsvisionpros.com.

Justin Su'a 
Head of Mental Performance - Tampa Bay Rays

Justin Su’a has been helping elite athletes and high performers build systems around learning, decision-making, and mental performance for more than 10 years, working with PGA golfers, NCAA student athletes, Olympians, the U.S. Army, IMG Academy, the Boston Red Sox, and the Cleveland Browns.

David Meltzer
Sports 1 Marketing

David Meltzer is a Legendary Sports Executive, Entrepreneur, and Investor. David Co-Founded of Sports 1 Marketing, and has been recognized by Variety Magazine as their Sports Humanitarian of the Year and awarded the Ellis Island Medal of Honor. He is also the Executive Producer of the Apple TV series 2 Minute Drill and Office Hours.

Ron Wolforth
Texas Baseball Ranch

Ron Wolforth is the founder and CEO of the Texas Baseball Ranch in Montgomery, Texas. He is considered the world’s leading expert on the objective measurement of pitcher’s performance and movement patterns.
Coach Wolforth has consulted for 7 MLB organizations and dozens of NCAA programs. 

John Jaquish, PhD
Jaquish Biomedical

John Jaquish, PhD. is the inventor of the most effective bone density building medical technology which is now partnered with Tony Robbins and OsteoStrong for rapid clinic deployment. Inventor of X3, a technology that is proven to develop muscle much faster than conventional weight lifting, all with the lowest risk of joint injury.

Todd Blyleven
The Scout Hub

Todd Blyleven is the CEO and owner of The Scout Hub. He has 16 years of combined professional playing and scouting experience and over 25 years of professional baseball coaching experience. He and has been a guest on MLB Network, ESPN, CNN, Fox News, BBC, The Athletic, MLB.com and others.

Ryan Crotin, PhD, RSCC, CSCS
Armcare.com and FarmSN

Dr. Ryan Crotin is the Vice-President for ArmCare.com who is focused on advancing knowledge and application of strength and range of motion analytics for the throwing arm. Prior to ArmCare.com, Ryan was the Director of Performance Integration with the Los Angeles Angels.

Chad Miller
Slugger Science Hitting Center

Chad Miller is the founder of Peak Neuromonitoring, which specializes in diagnostic technologies all athletes, and Louisville Slugger Science Hitting Center. The center uses cutting edge technology to analyze a player’s swing and reaction time and helps design custom training programs for hitters to improve.

Dan Jennings
Former GM - Miami Marlins

Dan Jennings has spent 34 years working in professional baseball as a scout, cross checker, Scouting Director, VP of Player Personnel, Assistant General Manager and General Manager. Currently, Dan is the Special Assistant to the GM for the Washington Nationals, and was a part of the team’s World Series Championship in 2019

Dr. Kevin Witte
Sano Orthopedics

 Dr. Witte is the chief of surgery at St. Luke’s South Hospital and an Andrews Institute for Orthopedics fellow. He is also a team doctor for Avila University in Kansas City and associate clinical professor at KCU. Dr. Witte’s passions include athletic injury prevention, regenerative medicine, and injuries of the throwing athlete.

Jeremy Jones
Building Champions

Jeremy Jones is the owner and hitting instructor at Building Champions in Kansas City. Jeremy established Building Champions in 2003 after years of experience at the college and professional level. After college, Jeremy was drafted by the Texas Rangers. He played for 5 years in the Rangers organization before transitioning into coaching full-time.

Doug and Dallas Cowan
CalmWaves Brain Performance

CalmWaves is a brain performance agency built to maximize brain performance for athletes and business leaders through education, brain training, and brain recovery. 
Based in Scottsdale, Arizona, CalmWaves has remote and in-person coaching to help any athlete and business leader maximize their potential. 

Casey Mulholland Headshot

Casey Mulholland
KineticPro Performance

Casey Mulholland is the founder and lead developer of KineticPro Performance in Tampa FL. Through KineticPro Casey’s work has been progressive in building advanced platforms in workload management and utilizing some of the game's top technology. Casey’s skill set and experience offer a unique combination to athletes around the world.

What Are You Going To Learn On The Summit?

  • How to Maximize Visual Performance for Baseball
  • ​Why Pitchers Need to Completely Rethink Their Approach to Off-season Development
  • ​Mental Skills Strategies Used By Major League Players and Teams
  • ​The Most Effective Muscle Building Strategies Used by Elite Athletes
  • ​The #1 Thing You Should Focus on To Improve Arm Health
  • ​How To Impress College and Professional Scouts So You Can Make It To The Next Level
  • ​Cutting Edge Tools to Help You Build a High Performing Brain
  • ​... And Much More!
**The interviews and presentations included in this summit will provide you with several unique and sometimes conflicting views of what each expert would do to help a hypothetical baseball player. The results you will experience when implementing these techniques and strategies will vary. Zone Motion and The 10% Summit do not guarantee results for any particular athlete.**

Ok... So What's The Catch?

I won't beat around the bush here... these interviews won't be around forever.

Once you register for the summit, you'll only have a few days to watch everything. Once Day 2 starts, the Day 1 videos will be gone, and so on...

I strongly recommend you set a reminder, block out your calendar and LOCK IN so you can get the most out of the summit. I also recommend taking notes...

Most of all, I encourage you to TAKE ACTION on what you learn and IMPLEMENT IT.

Sound fair enough?

I Want To GIVE You Access To All Of These Interviews…So You Can Learn The SAME Secrets That They Use With Elite Baseball Players

Launching on Nov 11, 2022 - Mark Your Calendar!
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